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Official Website . . Exclusive technology you can trust from the original Solar Comfort Heater by Sun Cloud Distributors.

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      Why Solar Comfort Heaters?
• Energy Efficient      
• Clean Heat...No Fumes
• Earth Friendly “Green”
• Doesn’t Remove Humidity
• Cannot Burn or Blister

• Quiet Operation
• Even Floor-to-Ceiling Heat
• Easy To Assemble
• Moves With Casters
• Low Maintenance

Warranty Seal

Heats up to 8x more area than
other 1500 watt heaters!

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Your Solar Comfort heater cut my heating expenses about in half. It’s a quite large apartment (1400 square feet) and does a good job heating most of it. I would recommend this heater to anyone who would like to save on their heating bills.
                           - W. Caylor, Paola, KS
Solar Comfort Heaters

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