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Customer Testimonials

January 6th, 2012

Easy Living Store
6124 Johnson Drive
Mission, Kansas 66202

Re: Electrical Usage Results

To Whom It May Concern:

We are a rural hardware store dealer that gets electricity from a rural Missouri Co-op, and we tested three brands of heating units with an electrical usage gauge, here are the results we found… Solar Comfort: Running M-F (6-7 hrs a day) & Sat & Sun all day= .52 a day or running it all out 24/7 a $ 1.23 a day or $36.90 a month.

Regular Space Heater (ceramic or utility or baseboard types) 24/7 a day $2.96 a day or $86.41 a month.

Eden Pure (Quartz bulbs (very hot & NO heat exchanger) 24/7 a day $2.86 a day or $85.80 a month.

(Please note that these figures are based on local Rural Electric Co-op rates. Different Utility rates may vary, but I doubt the spread would be much different.)

Kathy K


We have a ranch home with full basement and a room addition off the kitchen that measures

24 ½ by 19 ½. From Oct. 2005, to Apr. 2006, we used only the oil furnace and spent a total of

$1,229.47 for oil heat. The room addition was always a lot colder than we would have liked. In Sept. 2006, we purchased 3 Sun Cloud heaters. One is used to heat the basement, one is located in the 24 ½ by 19 ½ room, and 3rd is locates in the hall to heat the bedrooms and a back bathroom.

For the winter of 2006 – 2007, we used a half tank of oil which cost $275. The cost of additional electric ($324.02) plus the $275 for oil is a total of $599.02 to heat this year. The Sun Cloud that

was in the basement ran almost continually and the room addition was a lot warmer than in the past. We were extremely pleased with how the Sun Cloud Heaters kept our home warm and they did not run our electric bills real high.

Electric bills from Sept. 2006 thru March 2007

Sept. 9 thru Oct. 9, 2006       $125.72
Oct. 10 thru Nov. 8, 2006       156.05
Nov. 9 thru Dec. 11, 2006       189.16
Dec. 12 thru Jan. 10, 2007     179.47
Jan. 11 thru Feb. 9, 2007       190.49
Feb. 10 thru Mar. 13, 2007     199.09
Mar. 14 thru Apr. 12, 2007     164.10

Difference from Sept to current statement

Difference       $30.33
Difference       $63.44
Difference       $53.75
Difference       $64.75
Difference       $73.37
Difference       $38.38
Difference       $324.02


August 29, 2006

Easy Living Store
6124 Johnson Drive
Mission, Kansas 66202

Re: Solar Comfort Zone Heater Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

I bought my first Solar Comfort Zone (Sun Twin) Heater in 1996 at a scratch and dent sale to supplement the electric floor heaters in a sunroom at my previous home. It worked great to keep the cold air off my feet while I was sitting in the adjacent family room. Furthermore, the Solar Comfort Zone Heater Kept the very-expensive-to –operate electric floor heaters from running so much, which greatly pleased my pocket book and me. A side benefit was that my cats also loved it and safely took turns keeping toasty warm on top of it.

After my husband and I moved onto a larger home with an electric heat pump this past winter, we found ourselves moving the heater around to various locations around the house. So, we purchased another Solar Comfort Zone Heater so that my husband and I (and our two cats) would no longer have to fight over one heater! We were very pleased with our low winter heating bills and the fact that we didn’t have to worry about the heaters operating anytime day or night, which pleased the cats.

We’re now in the market for a third Solar Comfort Zone Heater for our basement.

Since we will be a three-heater family by this winter, I guess you could say that we are convinced that the Solar Comfort Zone Heater is a very good product.

Karen, Lake Winnebago, MO


Dec, 2003

To the Easy Living Store

Knowing that my retired wife would be at home everyday this winter, I was concerned about the electric and gas bill. On Aug 9th I purchased a Sun Cloud from your store, in hopes that it would heat the downstairs of our home at a reasonable price. We started using it on about Nov 1st. We set our forced heat system on 65. Surprisingly it kept the living room and kitchen quite warm without the central system turning on. On Dec 3rd we received our Nov electric bill and were very surprised that it had fallen from $94.oo to $84.00 (approx). Our natural gas bill was only $54.00 over the same period. Boy we were happy. In fact so much so, that we came back to buy another Sun Cloud for our daughter. It’s wonderful to know that your advertisement was indeed true.

Tom and Charlene


We were very pleased with the Sun Cloud heater that we purchased last year. While we didn’t keep track on paper, we both agreed that we did not see any significant raise in our electric bill. We bought this to heat a whole entire upstairs that has no vents. We converted it from an attic to a huge room for our 3 girls to share. This heater was very adequate for this area. As well as heating the other room and bathroom that are upstairs. We are so pleased that we are coming back to buy another this year for our dining/living room areas!

Thank you!
JJ and Debbie

I purchased the Sun Cloud Heater last fall (2005) to heat my billiard room which is 15x30 (450 square feet). The unit is quiet and does a wonderful job. I am very satisfied with it and am considering purchasing another one.

Curt, Florence, WI



Our Solar Comfort Unit works well for our family needs. It produces sufficient heat for our living room and kitchen which results in a savings on our heating bills.

We like the safety factor when our grandchildren come to visit that they will not get injured. It can also be used like an end table during the summer months so it is not necessary to store the unit.

Bernice, Holt, Missouri


August 27, 2006

I purchased a Sun Cloud Solar Comfort Zone Heater in December of 2005. I placed the heater in the archway between my living room and dining room and set the thermostat around 72 -74 and set my furnace thermostat at 68 to warm the rest of the house. These 2 rooms are approximately 16x16 with 10 foot ceilings and the house is normally very cold. I kept comfortable with the heater running. It is in a very nice cabinet and does not get warm to touch. The only thing that gets warm is the grate where the heat blows out. The heater is very easy to roll around because of the casters. Due to the increase in price of natural gas and electricity it is difficult to compare my bills to last winter and we also had some very warm days when I did not need to use the heater. I do know that my furnace did not run as much with the heater going, My son visited for Christmas until after New Years and he is always cold and he was impressed at how much heat it put out as he slept on the couch in the living room and was very comfortable. I usually have to turn the furnace up to 80 when he visits.

I am purchasing another heater for my mother-in-law to use in her little house so she won’t have to run her 2 floor furnaces so much.

Dorothy, Salina, Kansas


Last December, I bought a Sun Cloud. It was an excellent purchase for the cold months to come. I had purchased it for our family room (21` x 21`) and it kept the room very comfortable even though it has 2 outside doors and 9 windows. Our gas service even sent out a service man to make sure everything was okay because our fuel consumption was so low.



I purchased two SunClouds last winter (2005-06) to heat our house with, (roughly 2100 sq ft.).

We set the thermostat for the house at 65 and we set the thermostats on the SunCloouds at around 78. Our gas consumption was less than $40.00 a month! Some of our friends were paying around $400.00 a month for homes the same size or smaller! I would definitely say the SunClouds paid for themselves and our electric bills were typically around $80.00 (for a house hold of 5 plus) that is a whole lot less than what it takes to cool the house in the summer and barely more than what we usually paid anyway during the winter months before we bought the Sunclouds!

Thanks, Jim


To Whom It May Concern ----

To date I have purchased two Sun Cloud Heater Systems and have been extremely pleased with them. I first purchased one and found it heated the front part of the house with very little help from our gas heater. I then purchased a second one and put it in the back half of our house and now our gas furnace only comes on occasionally if not at all. I would recommend a Sun Cloud to everyone.



Several years ago we converted a porch area of our home into a beauty salon. We first used a vent free wall gas heater as the heat source for the area. A few years later we installed a forced air furnace, but due to the structure of this porch area, the heat duct had to come from the ceiling of the room. In the winter the area at the floor was always cold. At times we would have ice at the edge of the walls. To correct this we were also using an electric heater, sometimes two electric heaters. Even using all these heat sources the floor area still made cold feet and a difficult situation to work long hours in. Last February we purchased a “Sun Cloud” Infrared Heat System from Gall Sewing & Vac Center and placed it in our beauty salon. The Sun Cloud was able to warm the entire floor area of the salon and NO MORE COLD FEET! Our electric bills went down now that we replaced the two electric heaters with the Sun Cloud System. We are now purchasing a second Sun Cloud System for our cottage.

Cheryl, Grand Rapids, MI


The Sun Cloud Solar Comfort Zone heater has been great in our basement. The heater works quietly and efficiently to keep the basement warm and comfortable. We plan on purchasing another heater to help keep the main floor of our home warm and to keep our gas bill lower.

Sandra, Grand Rapids, MI


To: Easy Living Store, Scott

Scott, many times when a business makes a mistake or is wrong about something people are very quick to let you know about it, and when things are done right, well, seldom, if ever do you hear about that. I would like to take a few moments to let you folks know,,,, you did it right,, let me correct that, you went above and beyond to do it right! How refreshing! While we thought and pondered for quite some time about the Sun Cloud Heater, I now know it should have been a no brainer. When we purchased our unit my wife and I were renting a small farm house and were using around $300.00 of propane a month during the winter months. As soon as we started using our new heater our propane consumption went to almost nothing, nor did we notice a change in our electric bill. We have since purchased our own home and we now have two of my teenage son’s living with us (the basement has become the new “hang out” pad). While our house is newer than the old farm house and better insulated, the basement is still not the warmest room in the house. We now use the heater for extra warmth in the basement, and wow, what a difference! The boys have no complaints, and love living down there. When we came into the store we had a lot of questions about how it worked, how much electricity it used, what the savings could be, and if it could really “pay” for itself. After having the unit for almost 4 years now, I can honestly say that it has more than paid for itself. We thought at the time, something that sounds too good to be true usually is, but not in this case. Most people oversell or over promise their products, I think you guys underestimated how great this product really is. I have told family and friends about this unit, and I know a few family members that will be visiting your store very soon. If anyone has questions or concerns the way I did, please share this letter with them. It’s true….It works and performs just the way they say it does (actually better!) Thank you again for your honesty and a wonderful, wonderful product.

Joe, Louisburg, Kansas


Mark, I just want to express that you and the other Solar Comfort staff members are a real professional team. I have always encountered a positive approach and left the call with gladness that I am selling our product rather than another brand.

As a dealer moving towards our 5th season, we have been solely dedicated to the Solar Comfort product. This is true even though other companies such as CZ heater have plastered us with literature to carry their product.

Our commitment is not just due to the Solar Comfort product in itself, but just as much so for the fact that Sun Cloud has proven to be a great company to work with.

I have talked with just about all of the competitors, and have certainly found a lack of integrity in just about all of them. Solar Comfort has risen above with a much higher standard and certainly a higher quality, simpler product that will last.

Charles, Inspired American


I am writing to tell you how pleased we have been with our Solar Comfort Heater, the Sun Cloud. We have two in our home, one in the basement and one in the living room. Our living room is 20’ by 24’ and is easily heated with this one unit. In fact we usually run it at its lowest setting. The one in the basement not only heats the area we have it in, but also warms the whole house because it helps to keep the floors warmer. We have seen a significant decrease in our gas bill.

Because of our own success, we recently purchased one for my mother because she lives in an older home that is not real well insulated. I know she will be pleased with the results this winter.

J.E. Harris, Blue Springs, MO


Just a quick note regarding the two Sun Cloud portable electric heaters that I purchased last February.

Our house is about 1400 sq. ft. and we have always used fuel oil as our primary heat source. The cost of fuel oil delivered to our home varies from $3.25 to $3.55 per gal. And our use runs about 5-6 gal/day which amounts to about $20.00 per day or about $500 per month December through March.

Our electricity is also quite high and after consulting with Coop Light and Power in Two Harbors where we purchase our electric power, they tell me that the maximum cost to operate one of these 1500 watt Sun Cloud heaters continuously for 24 hours is $3.24. As we use two of the Sun Cloud heaters, the maximum they (the two heaters) could cost us is $194.40 per month. Because the heaters shut off when they reach the preset thermostat setting, they never run continuously and we have never reached that maximum cost. Our furnace will still occasionally come on usually around 2 or 3 AM (never more than once) on extreme cold nights like about 12° to 15° below zero or colder.

We have had no problems at all with these Sun Cloud heaters and are very satisfied with them. Our total heating costs since purchasing these heaters will run well under 50% of previous winters’ heating costs. Also, as claimed, they do seem to heat very evenly to all corners of the rooms and without depleting the humidity.

D. Runnberg, Silver Bay, MN


This is just a short letter to express our complete satisfaction with our Sun Cloud heater. Since the purchase, we have been very happy with this equipment. It puts out a lot of warmth but is also very safe, and with 6 grandchildren, that is very important to us. I feel very comfortable with the unit running even when we are not at home, I have that much confidence in the safety of the heater. We have even encouraged our kids to consider purchasing their own heater for some problem areas in their homes, and have also recommended the Sun Cloud to other family and friends. I feel this was one of our better purchases, especially with the high cost of propane gas, which is what we use. We keep the temperature turned lower on the furnace and the Sun Cloud keeps us comfortable.

C. Foster


Many years ago, my parents bought a Sun Twin heater from your store. They have used it for many years and spoke very highly of it. When I moved into my apartment, gas heat was so expensive so my parents bought a Sun Cloud for my apartment last year. This heater cut my heating expenses in about half. It is quite a large apartment, 1400 square feet, and does a good job heating most of it. I would recommend this heater to anyone who would like to save on their heating bills. I also feel very safe with this type of heater as nothing heats up and we have a young dog that won’t get hurt either.

W. C. Stanchfield, Paola, KS


I bought a Sun Cloud unit last year from the Easy Living Store. I just finished doing a little gas usage analysis for the six months from 6/22/07 thru 12/22/07 (corresponding the range of weather data available). For that period “heating degree days” for Kansas City were 6% higher than last year; my gas usage was down 50% (87 CCF vs. 174 CCF last year). I have a 2,000 sq ft house with the unit in the 1st floor living room; the thermostat for FAG unit is upstairs.

J. K. Marvel


Last September we purchased three Sun Cloud heaters from you. We kept some records and thought we would pass them along to you.

We were very pleased with the performance and how warm our house was this past winter. We did use some oil but only when the temperatures dipped real low to help bring the house temperature up. Mostly the furnace would run during the night time hours and during the day when the temperature was very cold. We realized we had the expense of purchasing the heaters this year but we know over time the Sun Cloud heaters will pay for themselves.

B. and R. Geltz


I purchased my solar energy heater before the winter of 2005. I was very satisfied with the amount of heat it produced and the savings I saw in my electric bill. The heater is very quiet when it is on and easy to operate. The room that I used the heater in had a temperature of about 65 degrees normally. When I placed it in the room it was quick to begin to produce heat and because I slept in the room I was able to sleep without the heater keeping me awake. The temperature in the room remained a constant 72°. I suggested to one of my co-workers that had a high gas bill that she should purchase a heater. She has since bought one and will be buying her second one this winter.

J. Grant


We purchased an C-1500 in March 2006, it didn’t take but a week until we realized this was also what our daughter needed. She lives in an older home which is difficult to heat. We bought one for her. She liked it as well as we did. She only wishes she would have gotten one of these post cards so she could get one more to heat the lower level of her home. We are both looking forward to having our Solar Comfort for the entire winter. We are buying another unit this year for our lake house. It is certain to be a warmer winter. I am sure it will also save us a lot on our propane bill.

J. Brown, Independence, MO


We love our Solar Comfort heaters so much that we have three of them and I am here today to buy our fourth. They work great, are safe and very economical.

E. Foster, Kansas City, MO


I want you to know how much I have enjoyed my Sun Cloud Solar Comfort Heating System which I purchased from The Easy Living Store in Mission, Kansas on October 3, 2005. I purchased this for my basement family/recreation room which has always been so cold that I haven’t been able to use it in the winter. On October 31st, soon after I had purchased the heater, it suddenly turned extremely cold and my furnace would not turn on. I brought the Solar Comfort Heater to the first floor of my home and it warmed the first floor perfectly until the furnace man was able to arrive.

I am now able to use my basement family room during the cold winter months. My grandchildren spend a lot of time down there, and I know the heater is perfectly safe. The first month I used the Solar Comfort Heater, my heating bill went down $37.00. I’m so pleased with the heater, I told my neighbor to buy one!

B. Brown, Overland Park, KS


In October 2005, I ordered my first Sun Cloud. Factually speaking, the winters in the northeast can be extremely long and brutally cold. This past winter, my living room became my comfort zone, thanks to the Sun Cloud. It enabled me to lower my thermostat to 65° and reduced my oil consumption; a definite bonus considering the cost of fossil fuel.

Additionally, I thank you for your commendable customer service. Early this year I had a problem with my heater due to a Thermo Relay Fuse. I spoke to Stephen Rodriguez several times. He was always considerate and informative. My problem was resolved expeditiously due to his effort. Having worked in a national bank for over 40 years, you learn that customer service is as equally important as a company’s product.

M. Valenti, Wilmington, MA


I am purchasing my second Solar Comfort Zone Furnace. I was well pleased with the one I have. Used it for several years. I feel like it saves on my gas bill a whole lot. It makes the area I use it in very comfortable. I highly recommend this unit to anyone.

G. Owen, Linwood, KS


I have lived in my home for 20 years. I heat my home with a propane furnace. In 1998 and years before, I was using 1300 gallons of propane a year at the cost of about $.80 a gallon. In September of 1998 I was notified that propane would cost $.98 a gallon prepaid. I purchased a new Solar Comfort Zone Heater. That year 1998-1999, I only used 1050 gallons of propane. The price of propane two years ago raised to $1.25 per gallon. So I purchased one more new Solar Comfort Zone Heater and my propane consumption dropped to 950 gallons. This year, 2006, the price of propane has risen to $1.70 per gallon. On August 9, 2006, I purchased one more Solar Comfort Zone Heater. Several of my friends and relation have also purchased them. My house is a lot more comfortable and safer and even cleaner. I set my thermostat on my furnace at 65° and the Solar Comfort Zone Heater at 68°. My light bill has only risen about $20 per month. They are safe, reliable, clean and economical to operate. I am saving a lot of money and I am a lot more comfortable than ever before.

M. Lilleston, Kansas City, MO


We bought 3 units. Thank you for the heaters, we love them!

D. & S. VerHulst, Ada, MI


I purchased one of these heaters a year ago in October and am very pleased with it. My gas bills were lower even if the electric was a little higher. However, both of the bills together were lower than the year before. If it is really cold you can sit in front of the heater and stay warm and not have to turn up your furnace.

M. McNeel, Lee’s Summit, MO


As an employee at Gall Sewing and Vacuum Center, I always get excited when new products come in. I like to try, test, and learn as much as I can about them. When the heater arrived, I was very curious about how it worked, how expensive it was to run it, and what other similar products were out there on the market. So I researched on the internet and was surprised to see a similar looking heating until called the Sun Twin. I compared the quality and found that the Sun Cloud was a better quality unit. A major difference between the Sun Cloud and other products is that the Sun Cloud works off of 4 infrared light bulbs. It also has a safety precaution in case the unit were to overheat. It also comes with a 3 year or 5,000 hour factory guarantee. The Sun Cloud is a little bit more expensive but is more reliable since you can repair its internal workings. Other products are made out of copper tubes and are not exchangeable and they burn out only to be thrown away. The Sun Cloud comes in a nice oak cabinetry (or without). Heats up to 800 sq. ft. evenly and doesn’t take humidity from the room. The other feature I really like is that the Sun Cloud is on wheels and can easily be moved room to room. They are economical and use about $1 of electricity a day or a coffee pot that runs all day. Out of all the space heaters on the market, the Sun Cloud is #1 for safety, economical, cabinetry, and repair. I highly recommend the Sun Cloud to anyone.

E. Vasarhelyi, Grand Rapids, MI


We have a ranch home with a full basement and room addition off the kitchen that measures 24 ½ by 19 ½. From October 2005 to April 2006, we used only the oil furnace and spent a total of $1,229.47 for oil heat. The room addition was always a lot colder than we would have liked. In September 2006, we purchased 3 Sun Cloud heaters. One is used to heat the basement, one is located in the 24 ½ by 19 ½ room and the third is located in the hall to heat the bedrooms and a back bathroom.

For the winter of 2006 – 2007, we used a half tank of oil which cost $275. The cost of additional electric ($324.02) plus the $275 for oil is a total of $599.02. The Sun Cloud that was in the basement ran almost continually and the room addition was a lot warmer than in the past. We were extremely pleased with how the Sun Cloud Heaters kept our home warm and they did not run our electric bills real high.

Louisville, OH

We have had no problems at all with these Sun Cloud heaters and are very satisfied with them. Our total heating costs since purchasing these heaters will run well under 50% of previous winters’ heating costs.

- D. Runnberg, Silver Bay, MN

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